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The unraveling of solid space
For years I had been looking for the perfect movement. I looked for her in the thickest forests, in crowded buildings, i tried the dark side of the moon of course, and I googled.
Believe it or not, eventually, warn out and battered, I stumbled into her in a desolate place, promising and beautiful.
I asked to take her hand.
Unfortunately she was also looking, for the perfect dancer.
The search for the ideal is frustrating. Even the movement itself is frustrated.
Therefore, besides the obsessive search, I'm taking a step back and choosing to embrace all movements.
Suddenly they will unfold in all their richness,
In the midst there I am now,
Rowing in the consciousness,
In tide and fall,
Inside outside,
I'm an idea and its forgetting,
The fire that devours the past,
A seed that sprouted and in which all the world's water flow
We will look in the intensive for the inner dance,
Dive into a rich moment full of threads,
Into an endless movement,
Through the keyhole - the research of the minuscule, through observing the obscure,
We shall learn through moving between worlds and layers- body, voice, word,movement, technique,
Between flying, staring, singing and smiling.
We will use tools of solo improvisation as a way to connect to our creativity to make it available during duets,
Research of physical ideas, the way of moving our body- feet, spine,center of weight
Time for unwinding the body mind through engaging imagination and meditation
Dance and more dance 
We will embark our journey from intimacy with ourselves, with a lot of space for being, observing, moving, feeling tenderness, pain and nameless stuff.
Gadi avidan
An experimentalist in nature, I strive for a meaningful connection to my movement, looking for cosmic contexts and authenticity, devotion and carefull listening to nuances. I try to understand how to move harmoniously and accurately, easily, satisfyingly. Lately the search extends more into internal and emotional realms.
Ive been studying and researching CI for fifteen years. I started the Israely CI camps and had been leading them for three years with the Shdemama ecocommunity. I gave CI classes and workshops in Israel and Sweden. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in movement and choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
At the moment in the process of choreographing a dance theater for family audience. Ilan lev movement therapy training
Member of the Israel contact association.
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