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Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
Jennifer McLeish-Lewis 
Drawing on developmental movement patterns (way that babies move) and skills of Contact Improvisation, this class will be accessible for all levels of movers.  We will start on the floor with a gentle somatic-based warm up that will help the body to feel gravity. Growing from the floor to standing, we will practice smoothing out our transitions into upright dancing.  Contact skills of reach, push, pull, fall, sluff, glide and roll will all be employed, using the floor as your loyal partner. 
The goal is an aware, alert, and embodied presence that uses the full capacity of the dancer as a human being awake in the word.  More sensitivity is reached through relaxing the nervous system. More alertness is reached through waking up the mind with moment-by-moment choice making.  More embodiment is reached through a deep listening to the relationship to the earth, each other, and the space around us.
Performance and Choreography Bio 
Jennifer McLeish-Lewis is a dance artist who performs, choreographs, and teaches. Jennifer trained across Canada at The Alberta Ballet School, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and MainDance (Vancouver). She has performed in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Her experience in contemporary release techniques, ballet, contact improvisation, yoga and bodywork are all forms she draws on in her creative practice. As a choreographer, Jennifer has had her work presented in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Seattle, Montreal and Berlin. Her artistic training and choreographic work has been supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council and The Alberta Arts Council. Recently she had the honour of completing a two week choreographic residency at Ballet Kelowna, where she remounted a duet and created a new solo on the company dancers. New Works Arts Management Company represented her in 2017/2018 and she was presented by them three times in 2018, including a week long choreographic residency at The Orpheum Annex Theatre in Vancouver. In April 2019, she will be presented at the prestigious EDAM Choreographic Showcase, in Vancouver, as the only female choreographer on the bill. In May 2019, she will co-create and choreograph a short film with Canadian super star director, Lynne Stopkewich. The film is generously supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and The BC Arts Council for the maximum amount a project can receive. She maintains a base in Vancouver, but has for the past three months been teaching, training, and networking in Guadalajara, Mexico. 
For bookings, please contact New Works Arts Management 
Teaching Bio

מתוך האדמה

נשלב אלמנטים מתוך תנועה התפחותית ( איך שתינוקות זזים) יחד עם מיומנויות מתוך קונטקט אימפרוביזציה. השיעור יהיה פתוח לכל הרמות. נתחיל עם חימום עדין יחד עם מתוך הרצפה, ונבין יותר לעומק את המעברים מהרצפה אל תוך ריקוד. נשתמש בדחיפה, הושטה, משיכה, נפילה והחלקה יחד עם הרצפה כפרטנר אמין. 
המטרה היא מודעות, רגישות ונוכחות בתוך הריקוד.
ג'ניפר מקליש לואיס היא אמנית יוצרת העוסקת בהוראה וכוריאוגרפיה.
היא למדה בבתי ספר מגוונים ברחבי קנדה: בית הספר לבלט באלברטה, ובית הספר למחול-תנועה בטורנטו ו"מיינדנס" בונקובר. היא הופיעה ברחבי קנדה ארה"ב ואירופה ומשלבת רעיונות והשראה מתוך מחול עכשווי, טכניקת ריליס, יוגה, וטיפול במגע. 
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