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A few words about being in Israel

With how things are in Israel these days, we feel we want to share with you...
A few words about the current situation in Israel:
As practitioners of CI we engage in meeting, touch, dialogue and communication.
The dance gives us an opportunity to listen, to get to know each other, and finally, to accept the other. As they are. Different than me. Without the need to convince, to be convinced, or reach an agreement.
For us, this is the meaning of coexistence.
We are aware (often with mixed emotions of frustration and hopefulness) of the on-going conflict and complex situation of life in this region. 
We see dance, touch and CI as a powerful tool that may be used to build connections between people, between worlds, and between cultures.
We are happy that in past few years, more and more people from this region and from around the world come to the festival in Israel, and by doing so open a possibility for dialogue through dance. 
We invite you to come and dance with us.
We invite you to support a non violent way of communication, listening, of getting closer, and of meeting the other.
A way of changing reality through our bodies in movement.
We would love to see you with us in December!
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