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Shalom and welcome to the Israeli CI gathering 2021!

We haven not  met for two years and we are thrilled that soon we will meet, dance and
stay together!
During these Corona days it is especially complicated and challenging to make a CI
gathering happen. But in spite of the complexity we do want to make it happen and
we went through great efforts to understand how to do it right. After some thorough
thinking, consulting and conversing, we ask for your willingness to support us in
making it come safely alive. Preparing ahead of time allows us to operate under an
agreed code of conduct and avoid unnecessary stress during our gathering. It is an
emotionally charged and complicated issue. Some of us lost friends or family to the
pandemic. Others feel excluded and oppressed by the government. We intend this
gathering to offer all of its participants a space that is as safe as possible, and at the
same time an open space for experiencing our dances and for movement
explorations. In order to create a healthy and legally safe space we intend to fully
uphold the Israeli law requirements, plus some adjustments to our CI world and the
gatherings' conditions. Our common aim is to go through the gathering without any
infections. For this we have created a procedure that is clear and transparent as
much as possible:
Before arrival

*   We all arrive at the site with a valid PCR test, verified from the last 72 hours,
or the paid antigen test of Magen David Adom from the last 24 hours. We
shall not make quick self-tests at the entrance to the site. Without a valid
PCR or MDA test entrance to our site will not be granted.

*  If the test result is positive, participation at the gathering is cancelled.
Payment will be refunded.
 We will all equip ourselves with two kits of quick antigen self-tests. These
kits are in case of on-site sickness and in case of a participant getting

*We recommend bringing personal utensils, thermal cups etc. to those who
are interested in maintaining their hygiene.
Arrival to the gathering

*Entering the site is possible on opening day 12-3pm or 6-8:30pm. In case
you can't get there on time, it will possible the second day 8:30-10:30am
and complete the registration (or arrive) 3-4pm.

* A valid PCR or MDA test is necessary for entering the site.
During the gathering

* In the spirit of personal and communal responsibility we ask you to refrain
from exiting the site and avoiding social contacts with non-participants. We
will not control or enforce anything during our gathering, trusting our own
personal responsibility.

*A Corona Team with members of our association will answer any emergent

*If the interest arises, we will organize dialogue-circles about our issues
regarding the pandemic. The gathering "Safe-Space"  team will be available
for any question, distress or need-for-clarity in issues concerning health,
emotional distress, crossing of ethical boundaries etc.

*If you get a message you need to go into quarantine it is your responsibility
to update your sleeping-roommates, members of your intensive and the
organizers. You need to organize your leaving of the conference too.

* If someone is verified with covid19 during the gathering, we shall all do our
quick antigen self-tests. Be aware that in such a case some of us will need to
go into quarantine according to the Corona regulations: Those without a
"Green Passpor" from the Ministry of Health (i.e. Vaccinated or recovered)
and stayed with that person in the sleeping-room or intensive or stayed
together in a closed space for some time, and also all those who got a
positive result from the antigen test. All these will have to go into quarantine
according to the law. The Corona team will be available to support.

*In case of such leaving the gathering in order to go into quarantine we
unfortunately cannot guarantee a refund.

I read, understood and accept with my signature………………………………..
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