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Unshifting prESSENCE 

We reach through …
We practice the state … 
We move through different scales of attention … 
We fall into the place where we are, which is nowHere …
We look for the Whole in a Part …

I am not going to share any CI technics/ skills and maybe that is the only one island of clarity you find in this class description 🙂

I would like yo touch the state of attention when we are somewhere in the center of peace of ourself and being nowHere at the same time while things, dance are happening by itself. The Space around you unfolds with its own rhythms, sounds and colors. You are the space. Everything happens effortlessly, in a timely manner and everything is in its place.

And we dance… 
One body of dance…
Prayer through the dance…

Class is open for all levels.
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Sveta Bird is a professional dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher, organizer of festivals and workshops on CI and everything around CI. 
She has been dancing since childhood and for the last 18 years she has been living in exploring Contact Improvisation and sometimes looking into other body-oriented practices.
סווטה בירד
נוכחות ומהות

אני מזמינה לתנועה שבה המרכז- הכאן ועכשיו נוכח והתנועה מסביב מתרחשת כמו מעצמה.
החלל סביבנו מתגלה עם צבעים, קולות, ורחשים משלו.
אתם החלל. הכל נע מעצמו ללא מאמץ.
ואנחנו מחוללות
גוף אחד של תנועה
תפילה נחבאת בריקוד

פתוח לכל הרמות

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