Yochai Ginton

Greenhouse Intensive:

Yochai Ginton

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The creative world of lifts is fascinating. It contains many hidden tools and secrets!

During this intensive, I will share many of the ideas and spices I collected in my years of training and professional experience. Sampling from the tool box of contemporary partnering that I’ve refined deeply as a professional dancer and performer, we will explore the mechanisms of contact lifts, using different heights and different speeds. 

some of the research topics we will pay attention to:

How do we  enter a lift?

What are the mental and physical differences between the organization of body and mind, between the flyer and the base?

How can the same lift happen at different speeds? With momentum or without momentum?

How can the centrifugal force assist us in taking and controlling the weight of our partners?

What makes us heavy? What makes us light?

How to fall like a cat?

How to use our arms? With hands or without...

How do we continue moving after landing?

How fast can we change (direction, speed, quality)?

What is the role of my sight and my eyeballs?

Where does the force come from? What are my anchors?


This intensive will be very physical with acrobatic elements.

Please come focused :)


Bio cv:


Yochai Ginton is a professional dancer and dance teacher based in Israel. He collaborates with different choreographers and tours and performs around the world.

His most recent work, a duet made in collaboration with his partner in life and dance, Olivia Court Mesa, premiered in Israel in November 2019 at the  'Curtain Up' dance festival in Suzzane Dellal.

Yochai has almost 20 years of experience  in the field of contact improvisation. He teaches workshops, intensives and courses at dance schools and other institutions across Israel and abroad.

His teaching is based on a deep passion, in finding crossroads between contact in its improvised form and contemporary partnering work.

Together, Olivia and Yochai have established ‘The Common Body Work’, a technique that explores the overlaps between contact improvisation, contemporary partnering and floor work technique. They teach this technique collaboratively.

Yochai is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and a Vipassana meditator who loves to dance Argentinian Tango.