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* you can join to 1 day of the work shop based on free spots.

padro penuala-

Contact Improvisation in dialogue with dance-theater

 3 days,15 h

Acknowledging that Contact Improvisation and Dance-Theater are very different approaches to dance and movement, we will put them in contact and dialogue, bringing some procedures, concepts, and tools from Dance-Theater (with special influence from Pina Bausch’s work in this dance language) to our practice of Contact Improvisation, focusing on its creative and performative aspect.

We will start reviewing and practicing some key technical and conceptual principles of CI – such as managing weight exchanges, falling, rolling, sliding, expanding/reaching, listening, detailing and zooming our attention, dancing in the spherical space, relying on the intelligence of touch and skin – in order to, then, enrich our dances by working with poetical images and words and with creative tools and provocations from Dance-theater. This will bring narrative and compositional aspects to improvisational scores. We’ll also research memories and personal/biographical materials and work on how to approach them in instant compositions and emergent performed improvisations.

This workshop will be composed of three classes that can be attended to independently. Each one will focus on a specific topic:

Class 1: Focus on (body) memory.

Class 2: Focus on (dual) relationships and communication patterns.

Class 3: Focus on time and cycles (beginnings, developments of processes, endings, dealing and composing with endings etc.).

These three classes are connected, but participants are

allowed to attend to all of them or only one or two, and to come in whatever order they can.

maria mora alcolea-

improvisation technique applied into Contact Improvisation context

3 days, 15 h

CI is an improvised dance practice that consists of physical dialogues between people, with priority given to physical contact and the play with the laws of physics. A general principle in CI practice is the search for minimal or necessary effort. The improvisation gives us the possibility to relay and grow trough the listening of what is happening in the moment. Fascia is the substance that connects every part of our bodies to every other part, an integrated mega-system that provides continuity and proposes collaborative relationships. To search in this context we will observe the different kinds and roles of the body's connective tissue. It interacts as an information transmitter, sensory instrument, provider of suspension, elasticity, support and force distribution. In this class we will explore around the architectural notion of tensegrity, the elastic potential of the fascia. And also we will use all this information as a poetic support to relay with space and the improvisation dance.



Ksenia Opria& Nayeli Špela

10 h, 2 days

We are a duet, but also 2 solos. We are a trio with the floor. A quartet with the floor and the space. But also, 2 solos. In the dance, all of them keep meeting and in this meeting - they are reshaping. Improvisation gives freedom for listening to how a moving dialogue is changing its course. CI technique brings instruments - so the dance has more choices to continue in all the directions possible. Therefore, conversations between bodies, space, perception, sound etc. become the playground for our dance. In this collaborative workshop, Ksenia and Nayeli will research the theme of dialogue - inside the dance, inside ourselves as dancers and inside the dancing group/community. During the time before the festival, they are going to share texts and ideas on the topic, becoming familiar with their approach and curiosities.

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