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Participation is full board, with 3 meals a day of healthy & nutritious Vegetarian food, plus free coffee, tea, and water at all times. The food is Semi Vegan, meaning there is no meat, chicken, fish or eggs. We get our proteins from lentils, beans and tahini. Some milk products will be offered but usually separate so you can have a full meal without them.
If you like other things - bring your own.
If you have specific nutrition needs or allergies - please specify them in advance in the registration form.

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, porridge (with and w/o milk), bread, cheese and tahini.

Lunch: This is a light meal, as we want to keep on dancing - Soup, Bread, Fresh vegetables.

Dinner: Main meal of the day: 2-3 cooked vegetarian dishes and a Salad.
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