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Helpers Program

The helpers program is an option for those who wish to take part in the Greenhouse and support it by offering several working hours per day. In return you get a reduced participation price.
We know that being a helper at the festival is sometimes not an easy position. On the other hand the Greenhouse could not happen without you, and we thank those who choose to join as helpers and create the festival with us.
In addition to the reduced price for the Greenhouse, we invite the helpers of the greenhouse to the Shabat Contact for only 50NIS.
Here are the different Helpers options:

Morning team - Active time: 06:30-10:15. Preparing (cutting, watching and washing pots, etc.) and Serving Breakfast.
Cost: 650 NIS (can't participate in Morning classes)

Noon team - Active time: 10:00-15:15. Preparing (cutting, watching and washing pots, etc.) and Serving Lunch.
Cost: 250 NIS (can't participate in the intensive)

Evening team - Active time: 15:00-20:00. Preparing (cutting, watching and washing pots, etc.) and Serving Dinner.
Cost: 450 NIS (can't participate in Evening classes)

Reinforcement team - Active time: 14:30-16:00 AND ALSO 19:30-21:00. Supporting and Reinforcing the Kitchen team.
Cost: 850 NIS

Maintenance team - Throughout the day, No pre-defined time. Cleaning and organizing Toilets, Coffee Corner, Dishwashing area, Lights in Jam Space, etc. Cost: 870 NIS

*** There may be changes in work hours according to the constraints of the festival

We wish to hold this event in a homely and pleasant atmosphere. We believe that the Greenhouse team creates this atmosphere and want to encourage you to be an active part of this creation.

IMPORTANT: The team and helpers arrive at the greenhouse a day earlier - the Nov 29  @ 15:00.
To apply for the helpers Program please write "Wish to be a Helper" in the "comment" field of the registration form.

You can also add your preferred Helper job.

For more info please contact Sharon at
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