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During these classes I will simply share with you some of my curiosities and interests in movement.
As the name says : "Transitions, Precision & Lightness" - describes well my interests in dance.
We will flow in and out of contact, viewing the dance as a playful dialogue, which breathes freely in time and space.
Composing the dance, composing the contact. Material alternates between contact- and solo tasks, towards trios and group-scores.
We will work with a variety of different methods including explorative exercises, experiential anatomy and specific technical material.
Some of the movement principles I employ are informed by developmental movement patterns, release technique, 
and floorwork. Through these techniques we are focusing on understanding the underlying physical principles of contact improvisation;
as sharing weight, rolling point, under- and over-dancing. Exploring momentum, inertia and suspension
in order to create effortless flow in our movement. 
We will play around the ideas of falling and flying.
By researching the subtle mechanics of ‘small dance’ and suspension, we progress towards using momentum
and spirals of the body to enter fluid ways to lift one-another through using the fall into ‘catching a ride’.
Working with the frame and structure of the arms, we find ways connect to space and find counterbalance in the body, providing frames to both lift and be lifted, and offer structures to be explored. We will focus in on the details and technique of the body tone, alignment, reaching and small points of contact, which help us finding lightness in being lifted, and efficiency in lifting.
Awareness and presence are helping us to expand the choices and possibilities in our dance.
Cultivating conscious listening, breathing, giving and receiving.
We will evoke deeper understanding how our bodies function? How the joints, bones, muscles and fascia function ?
How this wisdom of our bodies can help us to dance more precise, light and sustainable. 
Technique and Poetry.
Structure and Freedom.
Playful Beings in Motion.​
Vega Luukkonen
I am dancer, dance-teacher, performance-artist and bodyworker made in Finland, but currently based in Berlin,
and nomadic temporary moments in time and space. I have studied dance- and theatre pedagogy in Finland, Helsinki
- in Theatre Academy of Finland, from where I got my master´s degree 2008.
Though - I would say my dearest high-school and university in contact-improvisation has been the finnish contact community,
where I have learned so much from my collagues, friends and fellow dancers, by sharing the dance and rolling point over 20 years... 
I have been teaching contact and dance since 20 years all around the world, on many international festivals and retreats. 
I am one of the co-organisers of Goa Contact Festival since 11 years, and that has been a big part of my life - to live my winters in India
- on Arambol beach - and create platforms and possibilities for cultural exchange, dance and learning -
But recently I have been enjoying to stay more local, create and collaborate with my Berlin dance-community. 
Contact Improvisation has been my lover since i was a teenager ! So - I´ve gone through many kind of chapters with her.
Recently I´m more and more interested in details, fine tuning, listening, presence - accompagnied with deeper understanding of
underlying principles of contact improvisation. How can we make our dance sustainable for our bodies? How does this magnificant body works ? 
Function of the joints, faschia, muscles ? How can we find effortless, efficient, fluid movement ?
Elasticity of our three-dimensional body, open to all directions. 
Breath plays as well big part in my dancing. It brings me naturally into moments of momentum, falling, flying, swinging and bouncing. 
My movement is informed and inspired by aikido, capoeira and developmental movement patterns.
Precision in transitions and curiosity in details are bringing in lightness and effortlessness.
I also work with composition and group scores. Expanding out from duet bubbles
into trios and groups, composing the bigger space. 
For me dance is combination of technique and flow. Form and freedom. Being and doing.
I try to find ways to explore and teach technique by understanding the underlying principles of movement,
so that we can stay connected to our own exploration and interest.
Where our curiosity can stay alive, and we can always find new details on the way
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