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Ilanit + Rabeah

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Two languages- One Movement

Since 2010 Rabeah Morkus and Ilanit Tadmor are leading  collaboration for dancers and people in order to create a bridge for Arab and Jewish communities to meet each other through the movement.

Until today, they had created various projects:
"Meeting point" a contact workshop that deals with memories that we have in our body, trust, and territory. 2010-2013

"Holding hands": a score of contact improvisation which brings many people to move together with touch outdoors. (Inspiration by Anna Halprin). 2014

"Bridges":  A collaboration between teenage dancers from Jewish and Arab backgrounds  that create and perform together 2015-2019.

We believe that contact improvisation can let anyone undergo a change in the way we experience the environment and ourselves. For us, the very act of friendship and co-creation is a political action. In the workshop, we will examine the connection between the physical practice of contact and our worldviews. How the practice of leaning with our weight, listening, being awake presence and more can create within us values that we work through even outside the studio.
We believe that the art of contact improvisation and improvisation are tools for creating a change. 

We chose to concentrate on artistic practice and for us this is our political action, finding the common place for us to meet.
"If people stand in a circle for long enough, they will eventually start dancing"
George Carlin.
 Rabeah Mourkus

is one of the leading Arab, Palestinian choreographer and contemporary dancers and a teacher for Improvisation inside Israel. Her research as and artist had taken her in many different direction from extensive work in the contemporary dance to Sufi and Sacred dancer. For many years, she has been working to develop a generation of dancers from the Arab society in Israel and a community that loves dance and movement 
Founded her dance and movement center in Kfar Yassif in 2007, opened and established the first dance matriculation program in Arab society in the country and coordinates it to this day.
 Rabeah Leads and creates with her dance company named: Rimaz

Ilanit Tadmor
is an independent artist, choreographer, dancer and a teacher for Improvisation and contact improvisation.
Ilanit create in 2005 a school for improvisation and contact improvisation in Israel called PLAY.

PLAY offers annual improvisation courses, Healing Dance weekend workshops, Movement & Mindfulness workshop in Paros, Greece.

In the past five years, Ilanit is leading a Teachers Training Course in Movement Improvisation, the first course of its kind in Israel.
Between 2015-2019, Ilanit was the Artistic Director of the "Dancer in the Community" project of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.
Between 2000-2015 Ilanit created 34 different dance performances with ensembles and artists in Israel and around the world.

Through those years she was also teaching through the Karev Foundation of the Ministry of education and in the International Dance Village Ga’aton.
Ilanit graduated from the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy.
What has preoccupied me in recent years, is the impact of our dance on the world outside the studio. From changing habits in the individual, in order to create for themselves a full life, to our connection with others, those close to us, and those who are far away.