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Dancing into the Unknown
CI and Meditation
My work prevents me of trying to know what will happen next. Maybe this can be called improvisation when it integrates body in motion and quietness. In other hand, to be in contact, with myself, with earth and sky and others, the intuitive reference regards me intimacy with the unknown... But for sure, the practice leads to the rising of presence. It is a blessing if we accept it. And a challenge to make a workshop description, then. What for sure I want to propose and invite is to listen the inner and outer world as an invitation for the meeting of right now, beyond our hanging names. As if we could be involved into a non dogmatic and magic ceremony; magic because is a new way to look into the simplest things, where joy can land and where we can forget about the hosts and the guests and let dance manifests. This looks very open and poetic, and I hope this can happen so, indeed it is very clear the ways for embody our beautiful practice, such as: the force of gravity, the momentum, balance and trust, the elementary sources of life in movement and stillness. Let's enjoy, research, create and rest while moving, and yes, see if dance can manifest itself through us.

In this workshop we will explore the intersection of contact improvisation and meditation. Understanding c.i. as a practice of dancing into the unknown with solid basis and meditation as a place to sentient be lucid with life while it occurs. Regarding intuition to take motion and be together with potency of movement while dancing.
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Alessandro Rivellino

Where is the intersection between dreamland and the awake realm in this big reality called Dream?
Alessandro Rivellino? What to say? I have been living dance and contact improvisation in a surrendered way as a dancer for 17 years and as a teacher for 12 (if I do not count my childhood experiences) and I had the opportunity to travel to 15 countries, offering and taking classes, intensive courses, workshops, residencies and Jams with different and experienced colleagues, which probably gave me a good "floor" to start with 'not knowing with any certain quality' ...
I have also organized, with more people, different meetings and festivals of this beautiful practice, in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Denmark and Mexico. I come from different dance schools at the somatic level and movement research.
 Today, I see that I have danced and taught a good part of my life and yet I feel that I have just started. In my practice I have been integrating various techniques and bringing the potential of dance to life. If I ask myself between my name and my body, the second one is the dearest.
 If you ask about my deepest interest in dancing and teaching the answer would revolve around living questions related to dance itself, to the presence and to the Big Mystery.
I Hope through this illusion of you and I being separated, we can drop it, and go beyond our hanging names to explore the in-between field of existence to dance and be danced with and through the visible and invisible forces entangled at each single moment and find the way to be at the arch of beauty
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