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Konstantinos Gerardos:

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There many reasons to improvise: warming up, creating specific
movement for choreography, bonding groups of people together,
exploring new movement qualities, achieving a particular somatic state,
creating a performance. In this workshop we will not attend to "why" we
improvise but to "how" we improvise.
We will zoom into the tangible body and its physiology, skin, soft tissue
and the bones to explore how their specific role in the body can inspire
our dance and lead to specific movement material. We will improve our
skills by studying the architecture, function and movement qualities of
specific body parts like the spine, the hip joints, the torso, the pelvis or
the extremities. Working on different ways of rolling, sliding and being
on or off the floor will bring light and clarify the dancers’ relationship
with space, time, the floor and the biggest factor of all, gravity.
Starting from what we know, we will find the tracks to the unknown,
starting from the familiar and the reliable we will travel to the
unanticipated and the unpredictable. Starting from our own bodies
(solo) we will investigate the elements of improvisation that will help us
to improve our improvisational awareness, the ability of listening, not
only to our own body but also our partner's body and to experience a
dance that is born from our mutual surrendering to each other using
improvisation as a tool.
The workshop is open to all levels of experience.
Konstantinos Gerardos

Is a dancer, choreographer, director and owner of VIS MOTRIX
DANCE COMPANY which is based in Thessaloniki/ Greece. He is
the artistic director of the company and ReDance, a re education
program for dance and performance.
He performs and teaches improvisation and contact improvisation
for 20 years now. He organizes seminars in Greece and abroad.
(England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Canada)
He created “flow in motion” technique, a contemporary dance
technique, which is the result of his research in contact