Layers of Presence
Presence is the inclusion of the layers from the skin into the physical body and into the body of the space that surrounds us, sustains, permeates, inspires.
This illusory edge of the inside and outside is where the potential of dance arises as practice, prayer in movement, and enjoyment of complete freedom, the soul travels in the limits that a body offers.

We are going to be danced with the investigation of attention, listening, the potentialities of the systems of the body to fall-fly, go beyond the two in a duet, connect with what nourishes us to dance until the dance is over, that is, never.
Alessandro Rivellino? What to say? I have been living contact as a dancer and teacher in a surrendered and vertiginous way for 15 years and I had the opportunity to travel to 15 countries, offering and having classes, intensive courses, residencies and Jams with different and experienced teachers, which gave me a good "floor" to start with 'not knowing with quality' ...

I have also organized, with more people, different meetings and festivals of this beautiful practice, in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Denmark and Mexico. I come from different dance schools at the somatic level and movement research, today I see that I have danced and taught a good part of my life and yet I feel that I have just started. In my practice I have been integrating various techniques and bringing the potential of dance to the presence. If I ask myself between my name and my body, the second one is the dearest.