Michal Sterenbach & Avital Bar Zuri

Inner connectivity and outer expressivity


photo by chofit rauchberger

According to the Bartenieff Fundamentals principle -Inner connectivity and outer expressivity- there is a mutual relationship between our inner body connections and the way we move and express ourselves in the world. We, as artists, movers and therapists, believe that giving attention to our Inner-Outer relations is profoundly meaningful and allows deep change to happen.   
 In this Intensive we will dive into Irmgrad Bartenieff Developmental Patterns somatic work (Bartenieff was Rudulf Laban’s student and colleague in his work developing his Movement analysis system). We will consider how deepening our body connections may affect both the way we move and our relationship inside a duet of CI. 
We all carry movement patterns that we have developed for all sorts of reasons throughout the years, and may not benefit us anymore.  The meeting with the developmental patterns can help us re-encounter our body, re-pattern old patterns, and allow effortless movement through space. 
By using this movement language we will also advance our Contact Improv skills, such as: listening, joining, sharing weight in different heights, spatial understanding and more. 
We invite  to this space dancers who feels passionate about both taking time to understand their inner body movement and allow that to guide them in their Contact improv duets and trios. We invite you to experience a Contact dance that is released from known patterns, and that will allow us to enjoy  a surprising, live and breathing dance.
Michal Sternbach
Michal is an Ilan Lev therapist,a dance therapist,  Dancer and teacher of Contact Improvisation in different settings in Israel; Teach a weekly class in Vertigo dance company, and  give varios workshops Taught in the CMC festival and 1001 Grenoble festival, France.
 festival in France. Graduate (b.dance) of the Music and dance Academy in Jerusalem, graduate of the Contact-Improv teachers' training led by Danya Elraz. learned with different teachers in Israel and abroad.  Michal is Interested in the various ways body connectivity can develop, and its effects on changing emotional and movement oriented patterns. I believe that through this process, we can witness an expansion of awareness and expression in our everyday lives.“I enjoy sensing the movement that exists between the street- home- and studio, between being a student and being a teacher. I live and breathe this flow that turns into a dance.”

Avital is a mom, an artist, somatic therapist and a body worker who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She is a somatic and dance therapist (R-SMT, DMT). She is a CMA (certified movement analyst) and implements the system of Laban and Bartenieff Fundamentals in her work. Avital met CI more than 12 years ago and fell in-love. Ever since, she graduated from a three years’ program of CI, performance and Bartenieff Fundamentals led by Danya Elraz, studied with various teachers and programs in Israel and Europe and taught long weekend workshops, weekly classes and in festivals both in Israel , Moab UT and the Boston area.  “I believe that working with the body enables deep life changes. Movement is constant change and our body is the container where it reveals. For me the joy is to work with people and understand their patterns and work to re-pattern them.”