The dancing sense

In this intensive we will explore our bodies and interactions through concepts derived from biodynamic craniosacral therapy. We will move and dance practicing listening, noticing our potency, sensing spaces of safety, exploring our fascia, imitating embryological patterns, moving with spatial awareness and more. We will use all of these to dive into more full, wide, present and creative contact improvisation dances. 
Classes will include time to integrate those concepts in our bodies, and time to dance together and practice also some technicalities of the shared dance, into more wild and playful interactions.


I have been playing (since ever..:) and working with touch and movement, dancing, performing and teaching Contact, Improvisation, and movement. I studied with Danya Elraz, Michael Shachrur and Orly Portal and many others in the realms of movement, touch, contact and improvisation.

I am a certified Biodynamic craniosacral therapist, working with adults and babies. I love gardening and taking care of trees. I connect with movement and stillness, and am in great appreciation of the combination of both.