CI on the road

         dec. 30/2021-jan. 1/ 2022

CI on the road
30.12.21 - 1.1.22

Join us for three days full of dance, nature, fun and jams to experience & meet yourself and Israel’s landscape in a very unique way – combining the love of contact and the love of nature
Teachers: Noa Dar , Elai Alperovich and Dafna Hemmendinger

The Intensive trip will start in the exceptional desert landscape of Mitspe Ramon, continue to the mud, salt and sweet waters of the dead sea, and end in a big open Jam in the city of Jerusalem

Important information you should know:
The Spirit of the tour is of sharing and cooperation, with respect for personal space. 
We will be traveling together by privet cars; we will be preparing and sharing meals together. 
Accommodation is in shared spaces. 
Meeting in Mitzpe Ramon Crator
Opening circle
Intensive 1 - Noa dar
Driving to the guesthouse
Lesson and Jam – Dafa Hemmendinger
Sleeping: Mitzpe Ramon
Morning hike to the crator view
Intensive 2 – noa dar
Silvester Jam
Sleeping: Mitzpe Ramon
Driving to the Dead Sea
Intensive 3 – Elai Alperovitch
Closing circle
Jerusalem Jam  - Warm up into open Jam with live music
*There may be changes in the program
Dafna Hemdinger​
Dafna Hemmendinger
Dafna has been playing (since ever..:) and working with touch and
movement for over 10 years, dancing, performing and teaching Contact,
Improvisation, and Yoga. She studied with Danya Elraz, Michael Shachrur
and Orly Portal. She is a certified Speech therapist working with young
children, and a certified Biodynamic craniosacral therapist, working with
adults and babies. She loves movement and stillness, how they exist one
within the other, and is in great appreciation of the combination of both.
Noa Dar
Visual Artist. Performer. Movement Researcher and Dance Teacher.
Since an early age, Noa studied and practiced various methods of dance. She met CI in 2003 and has been living the improvisation ever since - practicing and exploring.
Noa has been teaching dance for over 10 years focusing on improvisation, CI, movement research, as well as the creative process. Her teaching is influenced by Feldenkrais Method. She graduated from the Visual Theater School, has a B.A in Dance and is a current M.A student in Choreography and Dance at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.  She’s a practitioner of Ilan lev Method and Feldenkrais Method.
Since 2002, Noa has created as well as performed in dance and performance projects in Israel and around the world. For the past 3 years, Noa has organized and produced CI workshops and annual events in an ecological community- “Shdemama”. Since 2014, she is a member of the Israeli Contact Association, and participates in producing the Israeli International Contact Festival. 
Noa is interested in engaging with the environment through dance and how to be delicate, efficient, and diverse.  She explores the crossroads between the community organism, nature, and movement research.
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Elai Elprovic
Elai Alperovitch.
He has been a contact and improvisation artist for 15 years.
 the developer of :
 "Moving with Nature" project - Movement, contact and spiritual workshops that take place in nature and in direct encounter with the various landscapes and materials in it. 
Elai is one of the initiators of the 'Tena Jam' - the jam that takes place at the Tana studio in Kibbutz Ein Shemer, and constitutes the center for the contact community in Pardes Hanna Karkur, israel.
 He has a decade of experience teaching and instructing  annual programs of contact, improvisation and performance.
Elai is responsible of the new fusion that is "contact therapy" - development of contact for emotional and developmental work that combines conversation and integration between the systems body, emotion, thought and spirit.
He is also the developer of "bodyquest"-a platform of dance that is supported by rhythmic and tribal music. It is a special party without speaking and without outer stimulants or cognitive supplements. The duration is  two and a half hours, in which the general public is exposed to the contents of improvisation and contact in homeopathic doses.
Performance Background :
Lead  "Maame"  group for 3 years in cooperation with Iris Nise. A group that performs improvisation in nature and in the public space.
performing independently in festivals & around studio tena in the kibbutz'mostly with the local or natural inviroment of the place.
Every year elai creates a  4 day journey in the  desert of Jordan. Those journeys are intensive workshopes of movement with the nature  & contact impro .
At the end of the year 2017, he led the Intensive workshop of the "contact on the road" which  is a part of the Israeli contact festival .
Movement studies at Shahar Dor for 3 years. Orly Portal and Shay Dayan for 1 year.
Studied dance theater at the Kibbutzim College of Education, where she worked with Aryeh Burstein for 3 years. A variety of contact workshops with masters of the world in the context of the contact festivals in Israel in the last 13 years.
Personal words:
Every day I remember breathing and let the movement flow in me, I lay down on the ground and my body know how to investigate.
 I believe that all of us are better expressed when we are connected through intuition and through the integration of all parts of our being . i see us as apart of the living  space that around us .  i believe that it is essencial for us as humens to meet  in body as well as in mind, also i know that we need fuisical  a games & challenge and friction in order to fully be in our abilities & in widing them as well as  of talking and sharing thoughts. My love is to look at life and nature as a large and complex dance that repeats itself and always surprises me again.
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