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         CI on the road

         Jan. 4.2023 - jan. 7. 2023

Contact on the Road

This time we will go on a four-day journey together in a group, a journey that seeks to meet the road with the body, in a joint movement of the group in the desert space of Israel, in the special character created in the spaces of contact improvisation, physical and social in a different way…

This is a special opportunity to see what is kept and remembered in the bodies of the individual and the group within the changing landscape. We will follow the internal discourse on the range between the memory in the tissues of the body and nature, and what is actually happening right now.

In the evenings we will move from nature to the studio, familiar to unfamiliar. To the straight floor, that compared to nature  is updated from moment to moment,  where no step is like the previous one. In nature we explore how  the body adapts itself to the material. To its various modes and states. In the studio, we will take these experiences to meet ourselves and other bodies. There, perhaps, a wider language will develop, of moods and states of body and mind,  that change even between four walls.
What is the experience of the self within a group after long periods in which we were in place, or moved mostly alone?

Every day we will go through an intensive - a workshop of several hours in nature. In the evenings we will meet at the studio to digest and dance some more. We will prepare the food together, and travel together on the road. A cook and a musician will join us to anchor, play and create with us.

This year Alesandro Rivellino, Noa Dar and Dafna Hemmendinger will be teaching the trip workshops. 
We will travel to the southern districts - the Dead Sea, the northern steppe, Ramon Crater, and the Nitsana area. We will stay, move and dance in these beautiful landscapes with soft and supportive guidance

The Schedule:

Wednesday - 4/1
Arrival to Jerusalem and off we go..
Session at the dead sea
Sleeping in Neot Hakikar

Thursday 5/1
Session at Neot Hakikar
Sleeping in Mitzpe Ramon

Friday 6/1
Session at the Ramon Crater
Sleeping in Mitzpe Ramon

Saturday 7/1
Session in Nitzana area
Festive closure Jam in Jerusalem - Machol Shalem
אלסנדרו 1.jpeg
Dafna Hemdinger​
Dafna Hemmendinger
Dafna has been playing (since ever..:) and working with touch and
movement for over 10 years, dancing, performing and teaching Contact,
Improvisation, and Yoga. She studied with Danya Elraz, Michael Shachrur
and Orly Portal. She is a certified Speech therapist working with young
children, and a certified Biodynamic craniosacral therapist, working with
adults and babies. She loves movement and stillness, how they exist one
within the other, and is in great appreciation of the combination of both.
Noa Dar
Visual Artist. Performer. Movement Researcher and Dance Teacher.
Since an early age, Noa studied and practiced various methods of dance. She met CI in 2003 and has been living the improvisation ever since - practicing and exploring.
Noa has been teaching dance for over 10 years focusing on improvisation, CI, movement research, as well as the creative process. Her teaching is influenced by Feldenkrais Method. She graduated from the Visual Theater School, has a B.A in Dance and is a current M.A student in Choreography and Dance at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.  She’s a practitioner of Ilan lev Method and Feldenkrais Method.
Since 2002, Noa has created as well as performed in dance and performance projects in Israel and around the world. For the past 3 years, Noa has organized and produced CI workshops and annual events in an ecological community- “Shdemama”. Since 2014, she is a member of the Israeli Contact Association, and participates in producing the Israeli International Contact Festival. 
Noa is interested in engaging with the environment through dance and how to be delicate, efficient, and diverse.  She explores the crossroads between the community organism, nature, and movement research.
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