CI on the road

" The Circle of creation"


Neder and Shani Noam
Founders, entrepreneurs and organizers of the legendary contact on the road since 2005

It was more than a decade ago…. We were sitting and talking about how have great people coming to the festival, having a great time, but they get to see so little of Israel…

So, we came with this "Contact on the Road" idea, and since then we had hundreds of people coming to Israel, dancing while visiting great places all around Israel.

The idea (like other great ideas) is simple: have a group of people that want to dance, take the relatively great winter weather of Israel and you get an unbeatable combination.

Those days of the tour are like being a part of a new, big family.  Still – each member has the option to choose how much to take from the experience.

During these years, we grew from being a couple

Added the amazing dog Pacha who joins every trip from 2006

And today we are a family with two children and two dogs and two cats... All the participants who participated CI on the road, echoed that they met a new family model, which supported a unique trip experience,

Engraved in the heart.

All these years we maintain close relationships with past year participants.


We would love to meet you this year and be your family for a moment on the road
Neder Shani Naveh Keren
Pacha and Pepa

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TO register to the Vertigo weekend or the ON THE ROAD:


CI on the road

" The Circle of creation"




Join us to a tour full of dance, nature, fun and jams to experience & meet yourself and Israel in one of the most unique way
We invited you to join us for the 15th edition of CI on the Road - Tour that combines the love of contact and  the love of nature.

This year the intensive is facilitated by: Dafna Hemdinger & Noa Dar. 

We will start in the beautiful Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world... From there we go to Northern Arava
there we will be enchanted by the soft white mountains
from there we will continue to Jerusalem ~ the magical old city
The tour continues to the amazing Ecological Art Village – Vertigo.
We will dance, experience classes in nature and in the studio and we will take time to rest, to hike, to jam, and to meet...
*During the trip there will be opportunities to join different sections.

We invited you to join us and take part of this extraordinary tour.

Important information you should know:
The Spirit of the tour is of sharing and partnership, with respect for personal space. 
We will be traveling together by bus; we will be preparing and sharing meals together. 
Accommodation is in shared spaces. 

And last thing – as the tour is limited to 45 participant (and as we are traveling in a bus – there is no option to have more people)  it is recommended to register as soon as possible.




The ci on the road path 

7th Jan -Tuesday

Meeting in Jerusalem

A day in the Dead Sea
Opening circle

1 Intensive

Evening lesson

Sleeping:  Shkedi's Camplodge


8th Jan-  Wednesday

A day trip in the Northern Arava desert

2 Intensive 

Harvest + campfire

Sleeping:  Shkedi's Camplodge


9th Jan- Thursday

Jerusalem day

3 Intensive
Creating our tour T-Shirt
Evening lesson

Sleeping: Ecological Art Village – Vertigo


10th Jan- Friday

Day trip Elah valley 

4 Intensive

Creating our ci on the road shirts
Kabalat Shabat
Open Jam

Sleeping: Ecological Art Village – Vertigo


11th Jan- Saturday

Last Intensive

Closer circle

The end of the 15 ci on the road & of the Israeli Contact Festival 2019
Driving to Tel aviv
Option to join the last jam of the festival.
*There may be changes in the program


The Circle of creation

"I find a quiet corner to rest in it. Portions of the rock that were in the shade feel cooler, and those who were exposed to the sun, now warm me up at the top of my back.  My head rests in a niche. My eyes soften and adopt an inner gaze. I'm turning into sand from the inside, I'm matter in change. The big palm of the mountain holds me, allows me to rest”.


We invite you to join us on a journey of revelations. Together, step by step, to meet the changing landscapes, to sense the different temperatures, odors, textures, and colors. We will allow ourselves an intuitive, immediate encounter with nature, to touch and be touched by nature, to learn from it, to create and to play.  Through presence and observation, into somatic inquiry, we will open up to the landscapes we are in and to the performative presence hidden in it.

In this intensive we will dance with nature as a partner to contact improvisation and see how the encounter with nature enriches the movement and the encounter with another person. We will be inspired by Andy Goldworthy's works and find our creative ways to let nature shape our inner landscape. We will play and experience with solo and group improvisation in the changing landscapes. During this journey, we will develop our ability to communicate with different landscapes, to absorb them into our bodies, to be absorbed by them, to indulge. To see and experience them in their full presence and let them be available as a stage for presence and creation.

Dafna Hemdinger​

Dafna Hemmendinger
Dafna has been playing (since ever..:) and working with touch and
movement for over 10 years, dancing, performing and teaching Contact,
Improvisation, and Yoga. She studied with Danya Elraz, Michael Shachrur
and Orly Portal. She is a certified Speech therapist working with young
children, and a certified Biodynamic craniosacral therapist, working with
adults and babies. She loves movement and stillness, how they exist one
within the other, and is in great appreciation of the combination of both.


Noa Dar


Visual Artist. Performer. Movement Researcher and Dance Teacher.


Since an early age, Noa studied and practiced various methods of dance. She met CI in 2003 and has been living the improvisation ever since - practicing and exploring.


Noa has been teaching dance for over 10 years focusing on improvisation, CI, movement research, as well as the creative process. Her teaching is influenced by Feldenkrais Method. She graduated from the Visual Theater School, has a B.A in Dance and is a current M.A student in Choreography and Dance at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.  She’s a practitioner of Ilan lev Method and Feldenkrais Method.


Since 2002, Noa has created as well as performed in dance and performance projects in Israel and around the world. For the past 3 years, Noa has organized and produced CI workshops and annual events in an ecological community- “Shdemama”. Since 2014, she is a member of the Israeli Contact Association, and participates in producing the Israeli International Contact Festival. 


Noa is interested in engaging with the environment through dance and how to be delicate, efficient, and diverse.  She explores the crossroads between the community organism, nature, and movement research.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-02 at

Eldar Baruch, Contact Improvisation Musician.

This is the third year I’ll be accompanying Contact on The Road as a musician.

For the last 10 years, I've been a part of it, almost each year.

It is my privilege to be the musician of this unique human and dance-ful journey, in my native country’s nature.


I am excited each year to meet new dance-ful humans who come from a far, to experience these precious days of dancing, expanding, sensing and exchanging, thanks to the contact tour, thanks to the festival.

Looking forward to the upcoming trip, see you!


A little about me:

Composer, a live musician-performer and a musical editor for contemporary choreographed dance; 

Creates and improvises live music for improvised dance performances and Contact Improvisation dance. 

Composer and a sound designer for Dance Films and Video-Art. 

Has been performing and creating live music for contemporary dance performances in Israel, USA, Germany, China, Armenia, South Africa & Zimbabwe.

Plays in an indie rock band (with Mika Doari). 

Dancing Contact Improvisation and moving in Gaga.

Love taking photos. Getting nourished by the human creation in the city and by the great nature. Life lover. Vegan.






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