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The Anatomy of Touch

In this intensive we will study the different qualities of touch and how they inform our dance, in solo and duets. Discovering how relating with different systems will train our body into different body tones.
I'm really interested in the velocity that different touches have and how we can agree fully into it. The touch as a point of reference and source of inspiration for our dance understanding the different possibilities of it.
Leilani Weis
For over 25 years I have been dancing, researching, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation. It's my practice, my medicine and it takes me to many places inside of me and into the world.
I'm deeply interested in the analysis of my own and others' movements, in the way we can trust our personal pathway to get information, learning from ourselves and others. I teach and move from a deep place in myself and  I offer a pathway for others to discover this for themselves.
My teaching wants to invite people to the self joy of dancing with awareness, rigurosity and simplicity, honoring the "creative animal" within each of us.