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Somatic inspiration

What is the link between a sensational/physical  focus and a creative state of mind? 

We will use attentive awareness towards different layers of our "bodily" experience in the context of CI

Integrating Images from nature into our sensations, we  will create a new environment of ourselves as a dancing body, allowing it to inspire our dance and our encounter. 

We will offer some daily "rituals" to maintain a focused presence in the space .

And also welcome different kinds of creative expression.


What are the tools we can use from our physical practice to: 

create a state of open curiosity? 

how can it affect our duet (or trio etc) 

how can it affect our solo?


Being in the body

Being the body

Being in a duet

Being a duet


Our collaboration is derived by a strong and instinctive  personal connection.

Our work is inspired by: elements from bmc, focusing, improvisation, anatomy and nature

אני ואווה על ספה.jpeg
Ewa Szubstarska
Polish- Israeli based dancer, teacher and choreographer.
She found CI as a contemporary dancer in 2005 at Milan Kozanek workshop and has been diving into it on many forms and gatherings ever since. She loves to explore new dimensions and stories within the technique. Essential influences for her work  comes from Body-Mind-Centering Release-Techniques and Butoh. CI is an inspiration for her artistic work but also gives her tools to deal with life  ☺
אני בבריכה.jpeg

Smadar Richke

my dance evolved while studying yoga and therapy 

so it happens that my research and interest in CI

originate from somatic and psychosomatic experience

I've encountered CI at 2005 on a 

breathtaking night that lead me to a path of self exploration, evolution and pleasure, till this very day.

I find myself diving into sensations and trough them 

discovering new possibilities in the dance 

along with  great fun, interpersonal, physical play 

I see an opportunity for a very personal and profound process

lately  more and more I'm  discovering the world of improvisation and creation and being enchanted 

the last few years I've been involved in managing an independent jam, teaching and supporting teaching: at "seminar hakibutsim" and 'hakvutza" producing CI event.. teaching yoga and working as a body-work therapist independently. 

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