Pavel Konior
 Anatomy of Contact Improvisation
In this class we will try to explore different mechanisms of our body in relation with our partner.
We will take all the simple movements in to consideration, looking at it under magnifying loop as a doctor in a laboratory. How is it happening that we walk, move, run, turn, go down and up what mechanisms are responsible for it. We will become animals that are ready to play or fight.
By exploring this mechanisms and habits in the human body, we will be able to notice and learn how our body works. How does the attraction and repulsion work on a static object or in motion. With what force I have to act on the body to make it move. What happens when the forces acting on a given element are balanced. What levers must I use to make my partner move to a particular place. Partner's task will  be to help us to understand the mechanisms that work in our body and to find new movement paths. By changing the roles, we will be able to understand the roles of those leaders and followers. In the end fun and "free dance" will allow as to integrate everything and transform it in to movement and dance. It is important for me to intertwine improvisation with technique and you will not miss one or the other. The class is open for all levels, those with little experience will learn simple and efficient technic of how our body moves and more advanced dancers will have a chance to integrate their knowledge and learn new pathways.  
Depending on the level of the group, by combining all the elements, we will learn a short dance phrase in close relationship with the partner based on “action and reaction”

What is contact
Contact improvisation is for me a form of listening at the highest speed, after being completely empty. An emptiness from which everything revels and everything is possible. We learn to move together, taking in space, resonating with everything that is around us. "We do not think about what was and will be, but we are in what is - here and now.
Pawel Konior (1982) - performer, dancer, teacher.
After graduating Academy of Physical Education and Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Pawel has been working in the fields of performing arts in Holland,Belgium and Poland as a dancer and performer for several years. Working with such artists as Rita Vilhena, Pedro Goucha, Einat Tuchman, More Shani, T.r.a.s.h Company, Ugo Dehaes, Tomasz Wygoda, Iwona Olszowska.
Before dancing Pawel has been training gymnastics, tennis and running.
His sport background had a big impact on his way of moving and thinking.
His way of teaching is based on organic and fluid way of moving. 
Improvisation is intertwine with technique, body awareness, and playfulness. 
Among others he has studied C.I. with Iwona Olszowszka, Ray Chung, Andrew Harwood, Nancy Stark Smith, Tal Avni, Joerg Hassman, Daniel Werner.