What Will We Do?

Intensives: 4-day Workshops (3 hours each day), which give the opportunity to work deeply with a master teacher. All intensives take place in parallel so you need to choose and follow one intensive throughout the festival. The number of places in each intensive is limited so register early to be in the intensive you want. 

Classes are single sessions (usually 2-hour long) facilitated by one teacher. Giving you a chance to experience the unique approaches of different teachers to the dance. Each day several classes take place in parallel, and you can join the class you wish. There is no need to register beforehand.

Every evening (and sometime during the day) we offer and open space for practice, exploration and free-dancing with live music or silence.
One-to-One Sessions

A chance to choose a teacher and have 20 minute of exchanges. 
Free Space

Labs, discussions, classes, Free-time… open time to participate, make a suggestion for what you would like to have, or just take a rest.